Best Credit Card For Holiday Shopping

Best Credit Card For Holiday Shopping

Is It Too Late To Get The Best Credit Card For Holiday Shopping For Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

The shopping season is just around the corner and you will want to get approved for a credit card that will maximize your savings. You also want a credit card that will protect your purchases as well from theft or damage. We have identified the key aspects to list the best credit card for holiday shopping. This includes the upcoming dates for Black Friday and Cyber Monday of course. No, it’s never to late to get one of these holiday shopping credit cards as they will help you build rewards all year around.

What Are The Big Shopping Days Each Year?

If your not quite sure what are the big shopping days each year, we list some below.

October – Halloween is a time for going to parties and buying candies. If you have small kids you will be buying them costumes for school and trick or treat.

November – Black Friday is really the kick off of the Christmas holiday shopping season. People have just made it a fun day to get deals and socialize with their friends and family.

November – Cyber Monday follows Black Friday and allows you to scan the internet for great online deals on all types of E-Commerce sites.

December – Christmas is always here too soon. So shop early and get all the bargains and gifts for your closest friends and family.

What’s the Best Credit Card For Holiday Shopping?

OK so we know whats coming up, so lets get on to the details of your perfect credit card.

Key Factors of the Best Credit Card for Holiday Shopping.

One of the credit cards we have chose as the top pick is The Citi® Double Cash Card.

Here is a breakdown of why it is the best credit card for holiday shopping.

2% Cash Back Rewards All of The Time!

Earn 1% unlimited on purchases when you buy and an additional 1% when you pay for those purchases. This is one of the best rewards programs and can add up when you are shopping during the holidays. There are also no caps on the amount you can earn. Other cards will limit how much you earn and have rotating categories. This has none of that monkey business and just gives you that great 2% cash back on everything with no limit on how much you an earn.

Citi Price Rewind

This is an awesome program. Citi Price rewind searches for a lower price on the registered items you are buying with your Citi card. It literally searches through hundreds of online merchants for you. If the same item is found at a lower price within 60 days of your initial purchase date, you may receive the difference between the price you paid and the lower price found by Citi Price Rewind. How awesome is that? It is the perfect program for the holidays and if you overpaid you could get the difference.

Purchase Protection

This card has purchase protection and extended warranty. If you are at the register they will try to sell you an extended plan. With this card it automatically extends the manufacturer’s warranty. Yeah pretty cool and great when buying electronics items.

You May Be Asking How You Can Apply?

To apply for this credit card you can visit

Are There Any Other Credit Cards That Are Great For Holiday Shopping?

A couple others I like are the following.

If you have excellent credit you can check out the Capital One Quicksilver® Rewards credit card. It also has a simple cash back program.

Whether you need a credit card for Black Friday to Cyber Monday, these are some good choices. Do your own research and search, compare and review the best credit cards out there. Getting a really good credit card right before the holidays with all these key factors can protect you and save you money. Happy shopping and happy holiday for our team at

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